Savings and costs optimization

With more than 15 years of experience, our Travel Management Experts will be delighted to push their boundaries and respond promptly to all requirement and whose complex and unitary approach allows them to interconnect as many as possible travel services worldwide.

As Travel Management Experts, we gather valuable data on customer behavior to aid understanding your business needs and to helpfully advice you to save your business time, money and stress.

Complete Travel Technology

TMC Group reporting tools features dynamic, interactive charts and graphs populated with real time travel data to quickly identify travel costs saving opportunities and make impactful adjustments to your managed travel programs. TMC Group is using a travel booking software for a supplier consolidation program and a booking workflow developed to comply with a lowest-fare policy, travel restrictions or preferences for certain suppliers.

TMC Group can put at your disposal assistance in developing and implementing a back-office solution that allows customized invoices and detailed reports adjusted to the company’s needs and identifying new costs cutting opportunities and aims to maximize office management and systems with an attention toward increasing efficiency and productivity. These solutions will handle all bookings by integrating 3 rd party suppliers, offering you full costs control tools to strengthen office management and reliable reporting tools that will generate automated reports in several formats.


Service level parameters contractually agreed within a Service Level Agreement and aligned with TMC Group standard service level – response times, error percentage measurement, complaints management response times. For instance, a minimum of 80% of all emails received from TMC Group client are answered within 120 minutes during regular business hours and after-hours, and at least 80% of all telephone calls are answered within 20 seconds during regular business hours and within 120 seconds after regular business hours.

TMC Group maintains an in-house post-hour’s service, ensured by travel consultants who are available 24/7, provide support for emergency situations, and perform all types of transactions.

Why TMC Group?

  • TMC Group provides you complete travel services at your disposal to offer you comfort in every moment of the trip. TMC Group is a DMC that provides a unique approach on corporate travel services and events and a management support based on an in-depth knowledge of the local market and the needs of the incentive market.
  • Complete travel and M.I.C.E. latest technology and concepts.
  • Mobile Travel Assistant App for a completely paperless travel experience.
  • Employee benefits for partner companies.
  • Smart investment for cutting costs.
  • Consolidated Management Reporting
  • Integrated platforms for detailed and comprehensive reports.